We are Alex and Cassie, husband and wife team. Nine years married and madly-in-love! In that time we managed to start a business and start our own family, it’s been such an amazing experience. We now have three beautiful children, Grace, Isaac, and Judah. We’re coffee lovers and cafe hangouts are something we like to do as a family, kind of a way to wind down and enjoy each other’s company.


Our approach is to document a story – to capture the raw emotion and feelings that make a wedding day epic – not stopping the flow of your day to pose or ask you to say cheese. Getting dropped in the center of your world with the agenda of capturing the real, unplanned, natural interactions is truly what we love the most, documenting those moments you never even saw so that you can look back on those days, months and years later and be reminded of what that day was.

So, if you love our style get in touch, and let’s chat.