Alex & Ara // Penrose State Forest

Alex and Ara approached us for a pre-wedding photoshoot a few months before their wedding would take place in Korea. We chose to do the photoshoot at the lovely Penrose State Forest in the beautiful Southern Highlands. Penrose State Forest Wedding Southern Highlands

These two beautiful souls would then tie the knot in their home country in Korea. Their love for the Aussie country land burned within them so they were hoping for some photos here in Australia before they headed of to their official wedding ceremony in Korea. 

It was an afternoon of great pleasure, getting to know them and hearing their plans. We had so much fun in one short afternoon that I wished it lasted longer. 

As the words of Shakieb Orgunwall go, this rings true of Alex and Ara. “The souls of some people shine so bright, that even their shadows bathe us in light” ~ S. Orgunwall.


Here’s another shoot we did a few years back at the lovely Penrose State forest