coffee, fresh flowers, the countryside, pilates, shopping in little townships, a clean house


tennis, podcast, traditional Chilean food, occasional PS4 downtime (when possible), quality time with Cassie.


Our approach is quite simple. It's to document your story in a creative way - to capture the raw emotion and feelings that make a wedding day something special - not stopping the flow of your day to pose or ask you to say cheese. We focus on capturing profound, unplanned, natural interactions creatively. Documenting those moments you never even saw so that you can look back on those days, months and years later and be reminded of what that day was.

Cassie works on the nitty-gritty stuff in the business while also second shooting from time to time and juggling the three kids (yes, she's wonder woman). Myself (Alex) am the primary photographer. I will deal with you directly getting to know your story so I can document your story the best way possible on the day. I also do all the editing of your wedding photos to bring the whole story together for final delivery.

Often people ask us if we get on each other's nerves, but honestly, working alongside each other as best friends lend to communication that can't be beaten.