Below is a list of Frequently asked questions

But If you have specific questions you can get in touch with me here

I’m based in the Shellharbour area but I mainly photograph weddings in the Southern Highlands, South Coast, and Sydney. I do travel, I’m always happy to travel although this will depend on the time of year and availability.

Definitely! I think preparation makes 70% of a successful shoot and an important part of my working process. You can count on me for everything: from providing location suggestions to helping craft your ideal timings. I have a very comprehensive wedding guide that you’ll receive once you secure the date with me.

I always have 2 Sony Mirrorless Cameras on me the entire day and I have another 2 of the same cameras as backups. I always try to keep up with the latest tech for reliability. Digital SLR cameras are the gear of the past, so I use mirrorless cameras to ensure focus is more reliable. Mirrorless cameras also give me the ability to shoot in complete silence, so that during the ceremony I am less distracting to your guests. Not to mention Dual SD card slots to ensure backup of the data.

I don’t offer videography. But I do know great videographers and I refer those who I’ve worked well with in the past and whose work compliments mine. I work best with videographers who work in the background, who don’t offer much direction, and who strive to record events in a non-obtrusive manner. 

I use reliable online galleries, and a network access storage (NAS) backed up onto the cloud, to ensure everything is organised, safe, and secure. Your final images will always be backed up ensuring your images will never go missing.

Not a problem. Shooting in wet weather can produce some of the most unique images. Some of my favourite images have been in the rain, so I encourage you to just embrace the day. If it’s forecast for rain, grab some clear or white umbrellas as these work best for photos.

No, I don’t. The way I color my images is part of the magic and I consider the pictures only halfway done without being edited.

We are all more beautiful when we laugh, when we cry, and when we don’t pretend to be someone we’re not. Yes, I do direct certain parts of the day where it’s needed, but directing is NOT forcing you into poses where you feel uncomfortable. For the most part, you won’t even notice me, so just be YOU! and I’ll take care of the rest as far as photography.

Yes, I am and I can provide the documents (public liability, etc) if you or your venue requests them.

As of the end of 2023, I have shot over 430 weddings.