When I first delved into photography, I had this inner fire of passion, but I felt a bit lost on how to transform my vision into reality. However, after immersing myself in capturing weddings for over a decade, I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I would love to share with anyone who is eager to learn from me.

I found myself incredibly passionate about teaching about what I do and how I do it.. I’m super keen to embark on this journey together, uncovering the beauty that lies behind the lens and discovering the endless possibilities of photography!

Are you struggling with framing

and how to direct your couples?

Are you feeling stale

and you don’t know how to change it?

You need to refine your style

and you don’t know where to start?


With 15 years of photography experience and 10 years photographing weddings, my photography mentor sessions cater to photographers of all levels, whether you’re a beginner seeking a strong foundation or experienced individuals aiming to refine your skills or explore new challenges. Each session is tailored to suit your specific experience level and interests.



These sessions are informal sessions designed to explore various topics, which may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reading light
  • Composition
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Workflow & gear
  • The art of culling and storytelling

1.5hrs – AU$440 | 2.5hrs – AU$660



If you’re looking at getting a little hands-on, these sessions will be outdoors on location. We will photograph a real couple and will guide you throughout my creative process.

  • Learn how I read and find the perfect light
  • Learn how I look for the right angles in composition
  • Learn how I prepare couples for their session
  • Learn how I interact with couples to make them feel at ease in front of a camera
  • Walk away with some images for your own portfolio

2hrs – AU$880 | *Half Day Workshop – AU$1300

* Half-day workshops are done in groups with a minimum of 3 photographers

kind words from PAST photographers



Mentoring has been one of the biggest investments in our business and this time with Alex is worth every cent. We have always felt inspired by Alex’s work and wanted to pick his brain about all things creative, technical, and business-related. Alex gave us practical advice that we could implement straight away in a down-to-earth, warm, and supportive way. We have already had two sessions and will continue to book more as we grow.



I had my mentor session with Alex. He’s an incredibly talented photographer who also happened to be our wedding photographer before I embarked on my photography journey. He is incredibly patient, talented, and humble. It was such a valuable time seeking so much wisdom and tips from him. I highly recommend this course to anyone as there’s always so much to learn from Alex!




I was coming into 2024 with a loss of momentum and motivation after a few hard years of Covid and a motorcycle accident. Unsure if I wanted to continue the business that I curated and poured my every being into over the last 12 years, I was gifted a mentor session with Alex. (Long time photographer idol) Completely on the fence if anyone or anything could get me out of my slump or even help me understand what I was trying to figure out because I had no idea myself. After 2 minutes into my session Alex I knew I was meant to be here! I felt heard and that someone understood what I was looking for with the answers I needed in the industry I worked.

Alex compared my vision to what he could see at an external point and helped form a plan that I could take away and implement to get back on track! Alex is super approachable and knowledgeable, his advice and recommendations were simple and precise, along with the motivation and inspiration from his own experiences and work I feel a new energy and level of excitement to continue my passion, make some changes, and create some masterpieces that will last a lifetime time. I would highly recommend Alex as a coach and mentor and looking forward to our next session!



After feeling a little creatively flat, it was rad to jump on a call with Alex and nerd out about all things photography and weddings. Super helpful tips and tricks mixed into just a great conversation that felt like we’d known each other for years. Cheers Alex, you’re a true pro.



I absolutely can’t thank Alex enough for what I gained knowledge-wise and confidence-wise after my mentoring session.
Not only was he prepared to answer all the questions I had on my enquiry form he also was able to provide the information in detail when something quickly came to my mind. No question was silly and he made me feel so comfortable with all my responses.
Everything from client communications, and creative visions, to lenses, selling, editing, software, and workflow was discussed. I took all his advice on board, and I am already seeing positive growth and changes for my little photography business with just a few small things I have already put into play from the list of notes I took during our time together.
Alex truly is a master of his craft and has a lot of valuable insight to share with the photography community. Again thank you for all your amazing advice and tips.



I absolutely loved my mentor session with Alex! Chatting with him was completely effortless. He started out by asking a bunch of questions to really feel out the areas I needed help with which meant the advice he gave was incredibly specific and exactly what I wanted as well as needed to hear! He was wildly generous with his time and there was definitely no gatekeeping any secrets! I left feeling completely inspired and motivated to push my creativity to new levels but also (and probably most importantly) with real and tangible tips on how to get there! I’m so glad I reached out, I’ll definitely be booking in again down the track!



I’m extremely picky when it comes to who I choose to mentor with, and I was so excited when I found out Alex offered mentor sessions. I was feeling underwhelmed by my direction and editing style and the call with Alex reignited my creative spark. He was very generous in his advice and tips and took the time to really look into my work prior to our call. I was able to implement his advice and tips straight away and have since seen an improvement in my work. I will definitely have another mentoring session with Alex!



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