cailin & brandon

whimsical engagement session

Cailin and Brandon planned to have their wedding in October of 2020 but unfortunately due to COVID their plans were thrown off completely. The main problem wasn’t that their wedding wasn’t able to go ahead, but it was the fact that 70% of their guests are all in Canada. Both Cailin and Brandon lived in Canada for many years and Brandon grew up there so they don’t have many family here that could celebrate with them even if they could go ahead with their plans.

Since they’re not too sure when their wedding will be taking place yet, they decided to do an engagement shoot and get some photos of them both and celebrate their love as they wait for their wedding day. Cailin is a creative and loves whimsical dark and moody images, so we chose this stunning location at the bottom of Macquarie Pass for the photoshoot which suited their style perfectly. Coupled with overcast skies the rainforest transformed into a stunning moody and enchanting environment that made for the perfect whimsical rainforest engagement session.

Cailin and Brandon are yet to set a new date, but things are slowly looking better each day. One day soon they will party with all their family and friends from overseas and have the most amazing wedding day, which they will truly deserve to have the most amazing day.