11 ways to save money planning your wedding

9 Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Congratulations on your engagement! I truly believe this upcoming season in your life is going to be fantastic, and I’m genuinely thrilled you’ve landed here because I think I could be a small resource of help and inspiration for you at every turn of your wedding planning journey.

I completely understand that, once the initial excitement of your engagement starts to settle, the reality of planning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why I’ve gathered these 9 tips for newly engaged couples like yourself to help you confidently navigate those initial steps and the entire planning process. Let’s make this journey as exciting and stress-free as possible!

1. Get the big conversations out of the way

Wedding size, location, and budget – those are the big three conversations you definitely should be having early on in the process, and I would advise talking about this before starting to plan anything else. I know that talking about budget and wedding size might not be the most fun topics of conversation, but just look at it as the foundation of your wedding planning. But also keep in mind that once you’ve spoken about size and budget they can shift a little throughout the planning process. Especially if you initially had unrealistic budget expectations. I’ve also put together 11 simple ways to save money while wedding planning which is something to check out after reading these 9 tips.

2. Don’t assume you know what the other person wants

It’s a common misconception that one partner isn’t interested in wedding planning, but that’s not the case for many. This day holds immense significance for both of you, and both voices must contribute to the final decisions. To kickstart the process, consider creating individual lists outlining your priorities and visions for the big day. Then, sit down, exchange your lists, and share your perspectives.

Chances are, you might not achieve every detail you individually envision, particularly if you both have strong feelings about different aspects of the day. However, engaging in this conversation is pivotal; it facilitates finding common ground or realising that you both value different elements. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a compromise that leaves you both content. So, have that discussion and ensure you both walk away feeling truly heard and understood. After all, it’s about crafting a day that reflects both of your desires! This leads to my next important tip:

3. Communication is Key

Keep those lines of communication wide open. Talk openly about your expectations, concerns, and dreams for the big day. It’s a team effort, and understanding each other’s desires will make the planning smoother.

9 tips for engaged couples

4. Connect with Your Photographer

Speaking of photography (wink wink!), considering the role it plays in capturing your special day, connect with your photographer on a personal level. Share your story, and interests, and make sure their photography style aligns with what you love. Since you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time with your photographer, it’s essential to get along well with them—I can’t emphasise enough how crucial this is.

5. Personalise Your Wedding

Amidst advice and trends, remember it’s your day. Personal touches make weddings memorable, so infuse elements that reflect your personality. Whether it’s in the style, vows, or even the choice of music, these personal touches make your day uniquely yours. Your wedding should feel like ‘you’ from start to finish. It’s easy to quickly get overwhelmed by seeing so many different styles online which can cloud your uniqueness. Use inspiration but don’t let wedding trends dictate who you are.

6. Everything is expensive

There, I said it. Because it’s true, weddings often come with a hefty price tag. The sooner you come to terms with this, the smoother your planning journey will be. This doesn’t mean you can’t explore ways to save money, and it’s crucial to stick to the budget you’ve established early on but also find ways where you can save money.

While I might be a bit biased, there are certain things unquestionably worth the investment – your photographer, makeup artist, and venue/caterer. These three professionals are among the most valuable assets for your special day. If you’re wondering where to begin when prioritising your budget, start right there. Trust me, allocating resources to these essential elements will prove to be some of the best decisions you make for your wedding! Photos increase in value over time, your venue is crucial, and the quality of food and experience they provide. My wife and I frequently reminisce about our wedding, and unfortunately, the food wasn’t the highlight of our experience. If you go cheap on photography you’ll greatly regret it years down the track, take it from my experience. Yes, we made that mistake oddly enough and my wife and I would DREAM to have better quality images to look back on. Investing in a skilled makeup artist is crucial because their artistry will be immortalised in the images you revisit years later.

7. Delegate Tasks

Don’t hesitate to involve your loved ones. Delegate tasks to willing friends and family members – it not only lightens your load but also makes them feel a part of the celebration. Everyone brings unique strengths to the table, whether it’s artistic flair, organisational skills, or a knack for coordination. Delegating tasks not only relieves stress but also allows for a collaborative effort that plays to everyone’s strengths. Effective communication is key when delegating tasks – express your expectations clearly, be open to ideas, and trust the people you’ve chosen to help.

tips for engaged couples

8. You don’t have to listen to everyone’s opinion

This relates very closely to point number seven. Because weddings tend to spark a wave of opinions and advice from everyone especially those helping out. While some may be genuinely helpful, others might be unsolicited and a bit awkward. The good news? You’re in control of which advice or opinions you choose to embrace. If you have friends or family who are great at planning or it’s part of their profession, their insights could be valuable and worth considering. On the other hand, if you have a relative who thinks your wedding is somehow their chance for a do-over for their wedding, simply offer a gracious smile, say thank you, and let it slide off your shoulders. Remember, it’s your special day, and you’re not obligated to factor in anyone’s opinions unless you choose to. You have the freedom to make it exactly how you envision it.

9. Take a break

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, so remember to take breaks. First and foremost, you’re preparing for marriage. You’re not just planning a party. Your engagement should be about being in love, soaking up the excitement, and getting ready to start a brand-new journey together. Enjoy the process and each other’s company. This is a special time in your lives, so savor every moment leading up to the wedding day. I highly recommend setting aside at least one day every week for a date night that doesn’t include any wedding talk. I still do this with my wife, one day every week when we (try) not to talk about the kids. It’s easier said than done, but believe me it pays dividends and you’ll take this skill well into your marriage.

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