6 Ways of Sneaking Quality Time on Your Wedding Day

6 Ways of Sneaking Quality Time on Your Wedding Day.

As a wedding photographer witnessing hundreds of weddings, I’ve had unique insights into the day as a whole. I’m typically there from prep to the dance floor. So I understand a thing or two about the importance of capturing not just the grandeur of the event but also those intimate moments shared between couples. And I can tell you, the most cherished aspect of any wedding day is the time couples spend together, away from the hustle and bustle, savoring the significance of the day together. In the whirlwind of preparations, it’s something that gets easily overlooked.

Consider adding one (or more) of these intimate experiences to your wedding day timeline.

1. Get Ready Together

Who said you HAVE to get ready separately? If the thought of not seeing each other before the ceremony isn’t a big deal for you, I’d strongly consider thinking about getting ready together. Imagine sharing a lovely breakfast, sipping coffee, and assisting each other in the getting ready process. Of course, I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if breaking tradition is your vibe, this is worth considering to make the most of being together on your wedding day.

6 Ways of Sneaking Quality Time on Your Wedding Day
6 Ways of Sneaking Quality Time on Your Wedding Day

2. Private First Look

If you haven’t caught my previous post on the pros and cons of having a first look, be sure to check it out. Once you’ve weighed those considerations, opting for a first look is a great idea to carve out some quality time together before the whirlwind of your wedding day kicks in. Not only does a first look provide flexibility in your wedding day schedule, especially if you choose to snap some photos before the ceremony (although, be sure to check out the cons you may not have thought about if you choose to do photos beforehand) it also lets you share that emotional moment of seeing each other for the first time without the watchful eyes of all your guests.

There’s magic in personalising moments on your big day. I often hear from couples who are super grateful they squeezed in a first look, and guess what? It often becomes their absolute favourite part of the whole celebration! So, consider making it your own and relish in those special pre “I do” moments.

6 Ways of Sneaking Quality Time on Your Wedding Day

3. Exchange Personal Letters or Vows

You could do this during a first look or first touch. For certain couples, expressing their vows is an exceptionally intimate moment that they prefer to keep away from the public eye. Doing this before the ceremony can work so well. Whether this sentiment resonates with you or you simply wish to exchange letters in a more private setting before the grand altar moment. Reciting your vows in private is a wonderful way to share a little extra time on your wedding day. 

4. Private Toast

One of the most exciting moments (and one of my favs to photograph) is walking back down the aisle as newlyweds. While you’re on that high after you have finished greeting your guest and having your family photos taken. Consider taking a moment in your wedding day timeline to sneak away to a secret room. Somewhere you can share a private toast before heading out for portraits (no photographer, no guest. Just the two of you). Enjoy a glass of wine, break some bread, and embrace the giddiness of being married! I’ve had couples tell me so many times how quickly their ceremony went. This can be a little disorienting, so taking time to breathe to take in what just happened before moving on is something you won’t regret doing. 

5. Dance Together

Have a special dance just for the two of you.  I’ve often had couples do this during their portraits. It’s a great opportunity to practice your first dance. It’s not unusual for couples to feel uncomfortable dancing in front of their wedding guests (so if that’s you, know you’re not alone!). Or instead of skipping a first dance altogether, do it in secret, away from the reception and DJ. But it’s also a good opportunity for some nice photos. Here’s the thing though. Don’t just do it for the photos alone because that’s not the main reason for this tip. The main point is for you to take a little time to dance to take in everything that has happened since. Choose a meaningful song and enjoy a few minutes of dancing without an audience.

6 Ways of Sneaking Quality Time on Your Wedding Day

6. Escape for Sunset or Twilight Photos

You may have already thought of this but if you haven’t you certainly should. And I’m not just suggesting this for the opportunity to have some stunning sunset or twilight photos. Setting aside time for sunset photos (regardless if there’s a sunset or not) is a very good idea. Not only will you get stunning shots, but it also provides an opportunity to share a quiet moment as the day transitions into the evening. Believe me, most of my couples comment about how nice it is to step away from the party for 5-10mins and simply breathe. I highly recommend this one and of course, you’ll get some of the best light of the entire day for photos.

6 Ways of Sneaking Quality Time on Your Wedding Day

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