I tell stories.

And wow 2022 was a year full of stories!

Perhaps that’s not the initial thing you think about for a wedding photographer, but the truth is that is what I am. I tell stories through the pictures I take. People invite me into their stories, be it for a moment (the wedding day) and I try and tell that story through the photos I capture. I need to be attentive and patient, look for the moment, the feel, the detail or anything that helps to tell that story.

2022 was my biggest year yet, but I don’t believe boasting on the number of weddings I shot is the best focus. This year was unusual, in that I had to take on extra in order to accomodate for my couples that simply couldn’t celebrate the years of the lockdowns.

In 2023 and beyond, I’ll be focusing on maintaining a good balance. I want to continue to document and tell stories with passion, with creativity and flair. I want to continue to push boundaries and explore new ways of photographing the people in front of my lens. I learnt a lot this year about how to capture more of the ‘feels’ and connection between the people, places and details around a wedding day. I’m always learning.

So here is my 2022 year in review.

All I can give you is a glimpse, show you a fraction of what I saw, a taste of what was felt with these images below.


Thank you to all my incredible couples who allowed me to capture their story.

Each one unique.

Each one challenged me to become better at my craft.

Thank you xx

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